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    Thread: The Threads

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      Default The Threads

      those of you who have known me for a time and know some of my personal story, know that I had a death experience that seem to open up my portals of sight by allowing me to see what I have described as threads.

      I have never really been able to explain what precisely they are except to say that I can read them and do an instantaneous and intuitive predictive analysis of events. I have in the ensuing years found other "seers: that can also see the threads, all of us awakened through some kind of trauma.

      Today, I received an email from one of those "others" that said nothing but provided a simple link. The moment I saw it, I knew that what I was reading about was in fact what we came to know as threads. Here's the thing, besides the fact that I can, with some effort actually see what the article describes, it appears that my original instincts were dead on. Ive always maintained that what I saw was the very fabric of space/time itself - dark matter. And here's an article that implies exactly that.

      I even named my art after that belief. Black Ether actually means dark matter and Tendrils of a Memory is a reference to the threads which I have also called tendrils of the creation engine's memory.

      I gotta tell you, I saw this article nd my senses went on overdrive and every cell in me is tingling....


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      That is very interesting indeed. I wonder how/if this will shape our understanding of what 'space' is.

      It was not too long ago we believed space was mostly empty but following experiments involving vacuums being spontaneously filled by exotic particles, it shown us that the vacuum of space is actually teeming with all kinds 'matter' or space stuff if you will...

      My gifts here don't allow me to see anything (to be honest) so Interesting so I genuinely to find this information to be fascinating.

      I tell you this, the day I find out we're all just reflected particles, holographic in nature will probably be the day I die.

      Justified & Ancient.

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